Library Titles by Topic

Beaumont, Mike The New Lion Bible Encyclopedia
Bennet, Father The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism
Catholic Study Edition Good News Bible
Cogan, Rev William J. A Catechism for Adults
The Didache Series Understanding the Scriptures
Holman Bible Publisher The Holy Bible
InterVarsity Press Dictionary of Paul & His Letters
Kreeft, Peter J. Catholic Christianity
Lukefahr, Father Oscar A Catholic Guide to the Bible
McCarthy, Fr. Bill A Walk Through the New Catechism
Pelikan, Jaroslav Whose Bible Is It?
Porter, J. R. The Lost Bible
Presentation Ministries Simple Reading Guide to the Historical Books
                       of the Old Testament
Ralph, Margaret Nutting “And God Said What?”
Reader’s Edition The New Testament of the Jerusalem Bible
Rohr, Richard Great Themes of Paul
Saint Mary’s Press The Catholic Youth Bible
Stedman, Ray C. Adventuring Through the Bible
TMP Panorama of Jesus & the New Testament
Vawter, Father Bruce Some Lessons from Genesis
Witherup, Ronald D. The Bible Companion
Wuerl, Bishop Donald W. The Teaching of Christ
Boadt, Lawrence Reading the Old Testament 1
Dieterich, Henry Through the Year with Fulton Sheen 1
Dubruiel, Michael Praying in the Presence of Our Lord 2
Sheen, Fulton Lent and Easter 3
Sheen, Fulton J. Lift Up Your Heart 4
Sheen, Fulton Treasure in Clay, The Autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen 5
Aquilina, Mike Yours Is the Church 1
Boudreau, Albert The Born-Again Catholic 2
Cogan, Rev. William J. A Catechism for Adults 2A
Eymard, St. Peter Julian Eucharistic Handbook 3
Eymard, St. Peter Julian Eucharistic Retreats 4
Eymard, St. Peter Julian In the Light of the Monstrance 5
Farren, Father John A. Catholic Word Book, Hundreds of Words Defined 6
Hardon, John A. Pocket Catholic Dictionary 7
Howard, Thomas On Being Catholic 8
Johnson,Luke Timothy The Creed 8A
Keating, Karl Catholicism & Fundamentalism 9
Keating, Karl What Catholics Really Believe 10
Kelly, Matthew The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic 11
Kelly, Matthew Rediscover Catholicism 11A
Killgallon, J. Becoming Catholic Even If You Happen to Be One 11B
Kresta, Al Why Do Catholics Genuflect, and Answers to Other Puzzling 12
Leahy, Brendan His Mass and Ours, Meditations on Living Eucharistically 13
Lukefahr, Father Oscar The Privelege of Being Catholic 14
McCarthy,MSA, Fr. Bill The Our Father 15
Morwood, Michael From Sand to Solid Ground 16
Norris, Kathleen The Quodian 16A
Our Catholic Faith The Holy Mass 16B
Paprocki, Joe Practice Makes Catholic 17
Pearce, Joseph C.S. Lewis & the Catholic Church 17A
Shaw, Russell Why We Need Catholicism 18
Staydacher, Joseph M. Lector’s Guide to Biblical Pronunciations, Updated 19
Trigilio, Jr., Rev. John Catholism for Dummies 20
Wilhelm, Anthony Christ Among Us 21
American Bible Society Luke Tells the Good News About Jesus 1
Appelt, Kathi I See the Moon 2
Bar, Brunor & Dominique Saint Bernadette, The Miracle of Lourdes 3
Bratton, Heide Celebrate Animals 4
Candle Discovery Books Paul’s Travels 5
David, Juliet Noah’s Busy Boat 6
Davidson, Alice Joyce The Story of Jonah 6A
De Stefano, Anthony Little Star 7
Donaghy, Rev. Thomas J. My Golden Children’s Bible 8
Eisenhardt, Barbara The Lullabye Shepherds 8A
Family Time Bible Stories The First Christmas 9
Ficocelli, Elizabeth Where Do Priests Come From? 10
Fletcher, Sarah Prayers for Little People 11
Good Books The Bible for Children 12
Good & Plenty Books The Little Lost Angel 12A
Hoagland, Rev. Victor A Catholic Child’s First Book of Prayer 13
Honor Books God’s Little Christmas3 14
Jadoul, Emile Good Night, Chickie 14A
Lindvall, Ella K. Read Aloud Bible Stories 14B
Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G. My Picture Missal 15
Lovasik, Rev. Lawrence G. New Picture Book of Saints 16
Lucado, Max Alabaster’s Song 17
MacDonald, Mindy 9 Fruits Alive 18
Mackall, Dandi Daley Merry Creature Christmas! 19
Marlow, Susan K. Andi’s Indian Summer 19A
Penton Kids Press Perceval the Plain Little Catterpillar 20
Phillips, Andrea F. Jacinta’s Story 21
A Rand McNally Book Prayer for Little Children 22
Rock, Lois The Lion Encyclopedia of Jesus 23
Santorum, Karen Everyday Graces, A Child’s Book of Good Manners 24
Simon, Mary Manz Amy’s Angel 25
Skevington, Andrea The Lion Classic Bible 26
Stirnkort, Patricia Angels with Attitudes! In the Beginning 27
Stirnkort, Patricia Angels with Attitudes! A Place for the King 28
Thomas, Marion St. Peter’ Story 28A
Walsh, C. Lourdes The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe 29
Wilkinson House, Oxford Press The Lord’s Prayer and Ten Commandments 30
Ytreeide, Arnold Tabitha’s Travels, A Family Story for Advent 31
Cruz, Joan Carroll Eucharistic Miracles 1
Dobsen, Theodore E. Say But the Word 2
Fabing, S.J. Real Food 3
Flynn, Vinny 7 Secrets of the Eucharist 3A
Hardon, S.J., Fr. John A. The History of Eucharistic Adoration 4
Pearson, David No Wonder They Call It The Real Presence 5
Pub. by M.B.S., Plattsburgh, NY Come TO Me in the Blessed Sacrament 6
Arnole, Johann Christopher Why Children Children Matter 1
Canfield, Jack Taste of Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul 2
Chapin, Alice 400 Creative Ways to Say I Love You 3
Dodds, Bill How to Be a Catholic Mother 4
Eldredge, John & Stasi Captivating 5
A Friend of Medjugorje How to Change Your Husband 6
Fuller, Cheri When Mothers Pray 7
Jennett, Vicki Lo Piccolo Mom’s Stories – Instant Inspirations for Mothers 8
Jennett, Vicki Lo Piccolo Mom’s Stories – Quiet Contemplation for Mothers 9
New Living Translation Daily Study Bible for Women 10
Norris, Kathleen The Quotidian Mysteries – Laundry, Liturgy 11
         & “Women’s Work”
Omartian, Stormie The Power of a Praying Woman 12
Rivers, Francine Unspoken 13
Roberts, Lee Praying God’s Will for My Husband 14
Shedd, Charlie & Martha How to Stay in Love 15
The Popular Group Psalms for Women 16
Various Authors She Who Laughs Last! 17
Weaver, Joanna Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World 18
Albom, Mitch The Five People You Meet in Heaven 1
Bello, Jim One Baby Rose 2
Bunn, Davis & Oke, Jeanette The Centurion’s Wife 3
Donofrio, Beverly Looking for Mary 4
Girzone, Joseph F. Joshua 5
Gray, Alice  –Compiled by Stories for the Heart 6
Lemmons, Thom Jabez 6A
Lewis, C.S. The Screwtape Letters 6B
MacFarlane, JR., Bud Conceived Without Sin 7
MacFarlane, JR., Bud House of Gold 8
MacFarlane, JR., Bud Pierced by a Sword 9
Macomber, Debbie Mrs. Miracle 10
Marcoux, Carmen Surrender 11
Paton, Alan Cry the Beloved Country 11A
Rocha, Luis The Holy Bullet 11B
Sheldon, Charles M. His Brother’s Keeper 12
Sheldon, Charles M. In His Steps 13
Wangerin Jr., Walter Paul, A Novel 14
Benkovic, Johnnette The New Age Counterfeit 1
Brooks,Polly Schoyer When the World Was Rome 2
Bruce & Stan God in the Small Stuff for Your Family 3
Bausch, William J. The Total Parish Manual 4
Cahill, Thomas How the Irish Saved Civilization 4A
Cobbete, Willaim A History of the Protestant Reformat In England & Ireland 5
Code, Rt. Rev. Msgr.,Joseph B. The Story of Mother Seton 6
Deshaies, Robert Mission Evangelixation 6A
Diocese of Tulsa A Pilgrims’ Guidebook to the Shrine of Saint Therese 7
Drahos, Mary Angels of god, Our Guardian Dear 7A
Elliot, Elisabeth Passion & Purity 8
Evert, Jason Pure Love 9
Ferder, Fran Words Made Flesh 10
Gilbert, Martin Jerusalem in the Twentieth Century 11
Griffin, Glen C. It Takes a Parent to Raise a Child 12
Groeschel, C.F.R., Benedict From Scandal to Hope 13
Guarendi, Dr. Ray Displine That Lasts A Lifetime, The Best Gift You Can 14
Halbrook, David The Mountain of God 14A
Harrington, Michael The Other America 15
Harvey, Jr., Paul The Rest of the Story 16
Kelly, Molly Saved Sex 17
Lozano, Neal Unbound 18
Loyola University Press God Is Good 19
Lucado, Max CosmicChristmas 19A
Moore, Joseph Monday Morning Jesus 20
O’Hare,LLD, Msgs Patrick The Facts About Luther 21
O’Reilly, Bill Killing Jesus 21A
O’Sullivan, Rev. Paul The Poor Souls, a Padre Pio Reminder 22
Phelan, Ph.D., Thomas W. 1-2-3 Magic, Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 23
Roncalli, Francesco Vatican City 23A
Ross, Hugh Why the Universe Is the Way It Is 24
Sacho, Jeffrey D. The End of Poverty 25
Sparks, Maisie 101 Things the Devil Can’t Do 26
Terry, Randall, A. Accessary to Murder 27
Valigi, Cinzia Rome & Vatican 27A
Westwood, Jennifer Sacred Journeys 28
Wilkes, Paul Excellent Catholic Parishes 29
Wilson, Ian The Shroud of Turin 30
Wirt, Sherwood Eliot Billy 31
Alcholics Anonymous Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions
Cherry, M.D., Reginald Healing Prayer
Grandis, S.S.J., Robert Healing Through the Mass
Keating, Thomas OCSO The Divine Therapy
Lewis, C. S. The Problem of Pain
McAll, Dr. Kenneth Healing the Family Tree
Neal, Connie Holding on to Heaven While Your Friend Goes Through Hell
Rohr,Richard & Keating, Thomas Healing Our Violence
Scanlan, T.O.R., Fr. Michael Healing Principles
Stiegel, M.D., Bernie S Peace, Love & Healing
Swindoll, Charles R. Three Steps Forward Two Steps Backward
Switzdor, Fr. Matthew Lay Hands on the Sick
Taylor-McNamara, Evelyn Gift in the Morning
Bennett, Dennis & Rita The Holy Spirit & You 1
Barbaric, Fr. Slavko In the School of Love 1A
Bell, James Stuart Angels, Miracles, & Heavenly Encounters 1B
Briner, Bob Final Roar 2
Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for Grandparents’ Soul 3
Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for the Soul 4
Canfield, Jack A 2nd Helping of Chicke Soup for the Soul 5
Canfield, Jack A 3rd Serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul 6
Canfield, Jack A 5th Portion of Chicken Soup for the Soul 7
Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for the Soul Living Catholic Faith 8
Carter, Jimmy Living Faith 8A
Carter, Jimmy Sources of Strength 9
Chittister, Joan TheTen Commandments 9A
Clairmont, Patsy Under His Wing 10
Curtis, Brent & Eldredge, John The Sacred Romance 11
Cymbala, Jim Fresh Faith 12
Davis, Katie Kisses from Katie 13
Dawson, Joy Intimate Friendship with God 14
Dear, John The Question of Jesus 15
DeGrandis, S.S.J., Fr. Robert Coming to Life 16
Eldredge, John The Journey of Desire 17
Eldredge, John Waking the Dead 18
Everding, Rev, R.F. God Loves You 19
Fink, John F. GET TITLE 20
Finley, Mitch The Joy of Being a 21
Gerwing, Alphonse Joining the Street People 22
Graham, Billy God’s Love for You 23
Graham, Billy Living in God’s Love 24
Hahn, Scott  Letter & Spirit 25
Hahn, Scott Living the Mysteries 26
Halbertson, Yitta & Leventhal,Judith Small Miracles 27
Hanegraaff, Hank The Prayers of Jesus 28
Hannon, Patrick Running into the Arms of God 29
Honor Books, Tulsa, Oklahoma God’s Little Devotional Book for Couples 30
Howard, Thomas On Being Catholic 31
Howard, Thomas Splendor in the Ordinary 32
Jakes, T.D. From the Cross to Pentecost 33
Jakes, T.D. Life Overflowing 34
Jakes, T.D. Making Great Decisions 35
Jensen, Lone Gifts of Grace 36
Jeremiah, David Slaying the Giants in Your Life 37
Johnson, Abbey Unplanned 38
Jones, Timothy Prayer’s Apprentice 39
King, Ross Michelangelo & the Pope’s Ceiling 40
Kun, Jeanne Jesus’ Journey to the Cross 41
Kushner, Harold When Bad Things Happen to Good People 42
Lotz, Anne Graham My Heart’s Cry 43
Lucado, Max Cure for the Common Life 44
Lucado, Max A Gentle Thunder 45
Lucado, Max The Gift for All People – Thoughts On God’s Great Grace 46
Lucado, Max In the Eye of the Storm 47
Lucado, Max A Love Worth Living 48
Lucado, Max 316 The Numbers of Hope 49
MacDonald, Gordon Ordering Your Private World 50
Manning, Brennan The Ragamuffin Gospel 51
Martin, James A Jesuit Off-Broadway, Behind the Scenes with Faith, Doubt, 52
        Forgiveness, and More
Martin, Fr. Patrick A. Speaking God’s Love to a Broken World 53
McCarthy, MSA, Fr. Bill God Bless America 54
McCarthy, MSA, Rev. William J. Listening to God 55
McKeever, James Become Like Jesus 56
Moore, Beth Breaking Free- Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life 57
Moreland, J.P. & Muehlhoff, Tim The God Conversation 58
Neal, M.D., Mary C. To Heaven and Back 59
Norman-Nichols, Marye Back to the Garden of Eden 60
Omartian, Stormie Lord, I Want to Be Whole 61
Osteen, Joel Daily Readings from Become a Better You 61A
Peale, Norman Vincent The Power of Positive Thinking 62
Powell, John S.J. Happiness Is An Inside Job 62A
Prevot, Very Rev. Andre Love, Peace, & Joy 62B
Rohr, Richard Great Themes of Scripture- New Testament 62C
Roper, David Out of the Ordinary 62D
Shakarian, Demos The Happiest People on Earth 63
Schambach, R.W. You Can’t Beat God Given 64
Smith, Harold Ivan A Decembered Grief 65
Spurgeon, Charles Finding Peace in Life’s Storms 66
Sullivan, Jean Morning Light 66A
Stedman, Ray C. Waiting for the Second Coming 66B
Terkeurst, Lysa Made to Crave 67
Torrey, R.A. Joining the Street People 68
Triumph Books The Triumph of Love 68A
Walsch, Neale Donald Conversation with God 69
Walsch, Neale Donald Friendship with God 70
Warren, Rick The Purpose Driven Life 70A
Weigle, George Against the Grain 71
Wiederkehr, Macrina A Tree Full of Angels 72
Wiersbe, Warren W. Who Am I 73
Wilkinson, Bruce A Life God Rewards 74
Wilkinson, Bruce The Prayer of Jabez 75
Wilkinson, Bruce Secrets of the Vine 76
Wood, Jim Discerning the Difference – Victory in Spiritual War 77
Woolfe, Lorin Leadershio Secrets from the Bible 78
Young, Wm. Paul The Shack 79
Bedard, Fr. Bob Mary, Mother of Jesus Why the Controversy? 1
Borelli, Antonio A. Our Lady of Fatima 2
Braun, O.P., F.M. Mother of God’s People 2A
Calloway, Donald MIC Purest of All Lilies 2A
Calloway, Donald MIC Under the Mantle 2B
Carroll, Kathleen Merry Christmas 3
De Montfort, St. Louis The Secret of the Rosary 4
De Montfort, St. Louis True Devotion to Mary 4A
Franciscan Marytown Press A Handbook on Guadalupe 5
Glavich, Kathleen The Catholic Companion to Mary 6
Haffert, John M. Meet the Witnesses of the Miracle of the Sun 7
Hahn, Scott Hail, Holy Queen 8
J.M.J. Book Club, Publisher Divine Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary 9
Kaczmarek, Louis Mary and the Power of God’s Love 10
Marian Movement of Priests Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests 11
McCarthy,MSA,Fr. Bill Mary in the Church Today 12
Pelikan, Jaroslav Jesus Through the Centuries, Mary Through the Centuries 13
Pelletier, Joseph A Our Lady Comes to Garabandal 13A
Riehle Foundation “Live the Messages” 14
Rosetti, Stephen J. Behold Your Mother 15
Ross, Gerald G. More Personal Revelations of Our Lady 16
Schulzetenberg, Mark Our Lady Comes to Fatima 17
Solimeo, Luiz Sergio Fatima 18
Sullivan, Fr. Michael Illustrated Book of Mary 19
Queenship, Publisher “With Jesus” 20
Weible, Wayne Medjugorje 21
Weaver, Joanna Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World 22
Cavins, Jeff, etc. Amazing Grace for Fathers 1
Drescher, John & Betty If We Were Starting Our Marriage Again 2
Farrar, Steve Quiet Whispers from God’s Heart 3
Finley, Mitch Strategies for Living Catholic for Men Only 4
Lockwood, Robert P. A Guy’s Guide to the Good Life, Virtues for Men 5
Omartian, Stormie The Power of a Praying Husband 6
Rabior, William E. The Husband Handbook 7
Richards, Larry Be a Man 8
Rohr, Richard From Wild Man to Wise Man 9
Shedd, Charlie W. Letters to Philip on how to treat a woman 10
Stenson, James B. To Be a Man, Life Lessons for Young Men 11
Wood, Stephen Legacy, A Father’s Handbook for Raising Godly Children 12
Angelica, Mother M. Mother Angelica’s Answers, Not Promises 1
Arroyo, Raymond Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons & 2
Arroyo, Raymond Mother Angelica the Remarkable Story of a Nun, 3
Conroy, Susan Mother Teresa’s Lessons of Love & Secrets of Snactity 1
Maalouf, Jean Praying with Mother Teresa 2
Mother Teresa of Calcutta In My Own Words 3
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Loving Jesus 4
Mother Teresa My Dear Children 5
Langford, M C Joseph Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady 6
Raphael, Maryanne What Mother Teresa Taught Me 7
Allegri, Renzo Padre Pio Man of Hope 1
Cataneo, Pascal Padre Pio Gleanings 2
Castelli, Francesco Padre Pio Under Investigation 3
Dunn, Bertanzetti, Eileen Praying with Padre Pio 4
Bakalar, Nick-Compiled by The Wisdom of John Paul II 1
Beyer, Father Jean John Paul II Speaks to Religious 2
Chinigo, Michael The Teachings of Pope John Paul II 3
Chiron, Yves Saint Pius X, Restorer of the Church 4
Fathers of the Holy Cross Seminary Most Asked Questions about the Society of Saint Pius X 5
Instauratio Press The Catechism of Pope Saint Pius X 6
McCarthy, MSA, Fr. Bill The Holy Spirit in the Writings of Pope John Paul II 7
Oder, Slawomir Why He Is a Saint, The Life and Faith of Pope John Paul II 8
Pigozzi, Caroline Pope John Paul II An Intimate Life 9
Pope John Paul II Apostolic Letter- Tertio Millennio Adveniente 10
Pope John Paul II Breakfast with the Pope 11
Pope John Paul II Celebrate the Third Millennium 12
Pope John Paul II Consecrated Life 13
Pope John Paul II Crossing the Threshhold of Hope 14
Pope John Paul II Reasons for Hope 14A
Pope John XXIII Days of Devotion 15
Sacred Congregation for Religious Letter of His Holiness John Paul II to the Bishop of U.S. 16
Pope John Paul II The Meaning of Vocation 17
Pope Benedict XVI Servant of the Truth 18
Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal Salt of the Earth 19
Seewald, Peter Pope Benedict XVI 20
Twenty-Third Publications Walking in the Light, 30 Days with Pope John Paul II 21
Weigel, George Witness to Hope, The Biography of Pope John Paul II 22
Basilica of the National Shrine Prayers for All Occasions 1
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception A Scriptual Rosary 1A
Beckwith, Mary A Moment a Day 2
Bergan, Jacqueline Syrup Freedom a Guide for Prayer 3
Boa, Kenneth Face to Face 4
Borchard, Therese Johnson What You Should Know About the Stations 5
Briscoe, Jill The Deep Place 6
Brown, Jr., H. Jackson & Rosemary Life’s Little Instructions from the Bible 7
Brown, Raymond E. Crucified Christ in Holy Week 8
Cannato, Judy Radical Amazement 9
Catholic Book Publishing Co. Night Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours 10
Catholic Book Publishing Co. Prayer of Christians 11
Catholic Book Publishing Co. Treasury of Novenas 12
Compiled by Buckley, Msgr. Michael The Catholic Prayer Book 13
Countryman God’s Promise for Your Everyday Needs 14
de Mello, Anthony Sadhana A Way to God 15
DeMonfort, St. Louis The Secret of the Rosary 16
DESola Chervin Prayers of the Women Mystics 16A
Dick, Dan & Nancy Wisdom from the Proverbs 17
Dollen, Rev. Charles Prayer Book of the Saints 17A
Eastman, Dick The Hour That Changes the World 18
Elliott, Edward A. The Best of Andrew Murray on Prayer 19
From The Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska The Divine Mercy, Message & Devotion 20
Farren, Father John A. Prayer Time 21
Ferraro, Rev. John Ten Series of Meditations on the Mysteries of the Rosary 22
Fonseca, Michael Living in God’s Embrace 23
Giglio, Louie The Air I Breathe 24
Harris, Jan Quiet in His Presence 25
Jones, Charlie “Tremendous” The Tremendous Power of Prayer 26
Kasper, Cardinal Walter A Handbook of Spiritual Ecuminism 27
Keating, Thomas Invitation to Love 28
Koch, Carl Garden of a Thousand Gates 29
Lee, Dr. Richard The Healing Touch of Jesus 30
Liguori, St Alphonsus The Way of the Cross 31
Lucado, Max Let the Journey Begin 32
Lucado, Max Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms 33
Lucia, Fr. Martin Rosary Meditations from Mother Teresa of Calcutta 34
Maalouf, Jean Prayers with Mother Teresa 35
McHenry, Janet Hohn Prayer Walk 36
McQuade, Pamela Meditations for the Satisfied Soul 37
Marazon, Renee Alda Deliverance Prayer: A Matter of Wisdom, Discernment, 38
                   & Obedience
Marshall, Catherine Adventures in Prayer 39
Meehan, Bridget Mary Praying with a Passionate Heart 39A
Mitchell, Patricia A Year of Celebration Feast Days of the Church 40
MLOR Publishing Corporation Pieta 41
Murdy, Kay Season of Emmanuel 42
Montfort Publication Total Consecration 42A
Murray, Andrew The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer 42B
The National Shrine of The Infant Jesus of Prague History of and Devotions to The Infant Jesus of Prague 43
Nouwem, Henri J.M. Bread for the Journey 44
O’Malley, William J. Daily Prayers for Busy People 45
Omartian, Stormie Praying God’s Will for Your Life 46
Omartian, Stormie The Power of Praying Together 47
Our Living Mother’s Children To Bear Witness That I Am the Living Son of God 48
Palms, Roger C. Bible Readings on Hope 49
Pauline Books & Media Publishers Devotion to St Joseph 50
Pauline Books & Media Publishers Devotion to St. Patrick 51
Pennington, M. Basil 20 Mysteries of the Rosary 52
Pope John Paul XXIII Days of Devotion-Daily Meditations from the Good Shepherd 53
Powers, Isaias Quiet Places with Jesus 54
Rooney, Linda Perrone Praying Our Grief 55
Rupp, Joyce May I Have This Dance 56
Rupp, Joyce Out of the Ordinary 57
Sacred Heart League Beloved Catholic Prayers 58
Seaborn, Dan One-Minute Devotionals for Couples 59
Smith, Harold Ivan A December Grief 60
Tan Books and Publishers 30 Favorite Novenas 61
Tassone, Susan Thirty-Day Devotions for the Holy Souls 62
Testament Books The Story of Easter 63
Trembly, Lo-Ann & David Pray with All Your Senses 64
Upper Room Books Disciplines 65
Vail, Anne Joy of the Rosary – A Way into Meditative Prayer 66
Value Books He Is Risen 67
Van Thuan, Francis Xavier Nguyen Prayers of Hope Words of Courage 68
Vayne, Francois 15 Days of Prayer-St. Bernadette of Lourdes 69
Weedn, Flavia & Lisa Across the Porch from God 70
Casey, Michael  Living in the Truth
Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Directives on Formation in Religious Institutes
Dollard, Kit Doing Business with Benedict
English, John J. Spiritual Freedom
Fry, O.S.B., Timothy The Rule of St. Benedict
Kemp, Raymond B. A Journey in Faith
Lasance, Rev. F. Thoughts on the Religious Life
Madrid, Patrick Why Is That In Tradition
Mc Brien, Richard Ministry
The Marian Movement of Priests To the Priests Our Lady’s Beloved Sons
Ranaghan, Kevin & Dorothy Catholic Pentecostals
Rose, Michael S. Priest
St. Benedict The Rule of St. Benedict
Schreck, Alan Catholics & Christian
Wills, Garry The Rosary
Ball, Ann Modern Saints 1
Bodo, Murray Francis the journey and the dream 2
Boever, C.S.S.R.,Richard St. John Neumann- His Writings & Spirituality 3
Brown, Camille Lewis African Saints African Stories 4
Calamari, Barbara Novena, The Power of Prayer 5
Caldwell, Taylor Dear & Glorious Physician 6
Cruz, Joan Carroll Relics 7
Descouvemont, Pierre Therese and Lisieux 8
Doze, Andrew Joseph, Shadow of the Father 8A
Ellsberg, Robert All Saints 9
Englebert, Omer St. Francis of Assisi, A Biography 10
Fink, John F. Married Saints 11
Genelli, Fr. S.J. Life of St. Ignatius of Loyola 11A
Gorres, Ida Friederike The Hidden Face 12
Kane, Aletheia The Prayers of Saint Therese of Lisieux 13
Kavanaugh, Kieran The Collected Works of St Teresa of Avila, Vol. 2 14
Kavanaugh, Kieran St. Teresa of Avila The Way of Perfection 15
Kinney, Donald The Poetry of Saint Therese of Lisieux 16
McCaffrey, Eugene Heart of Love, Saint Terese of Lisieux 17
McKenna, Thomas J. St. Gianna Beretta Molla a Modern Hero of Divine Love 18
Marian Press Stockbridge MA Diary of Saint Maris Faustina Kowalska 19
Martin, James My Life With the Saints 20
Molla, Pietro Saint Gianna Molla 21
Piat, Stephane-Joseph Celine Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face 22
Romb, Fr. Anselm Maximilian Kolbe: Authenic Franciscan 22A
Sabatier, Paul The Road to Assisi 23
Saint Therese of Lisieux The Story of the Little Bird, St. Therese 24
Saint Therese of Lisieux The Story of the Soul 25
Stackpole, STD, Robert Pillars of Fire in My Soul 26
Teresa of Avila Interior Castle 27
Wills, Garry St. Augustine 28
Zellinger, Ron Kateri Tekakwitha 29
Anonymous The Cloud of the Unknowing 1
Bernard of Clairvaux on the Song of Songs 2
Bonhoeffer, Dietrich The Cost of Discipleship 3
Bowring, Kelly The Secrets, Chastisements, & Triumph of the Two Hearts 4
Confraternity of the Precious Blood My Way of Life 5
Crenshaw, James L. Old Testament Wisdom an Introduction 6
Curtis, Brent & Eldredge, John The Sacred Romance 7
de Caussade, Father Jean-Pierre Abandonment to Divine Providence 7A
deSales, Francis Introduction to the Devout Life 8
deSales, Francis Finding God’s Will for You 9
Dirvin, Joseph I. The Soul of Elizabeth Seton 9A
Escriva, Josemaria The Way Furrow the Forge 10
Fisher, Donald C. God Loves An Unmade Bed 11
Foster, Richard J. Celebration of Discipline 12
Freemesser,C.S.B., George F. Learning to Live from Within 13
Fry, Timothy,O.S.B. The Rule of St. Benedict 14
Ganss, S.J., George E. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius 14A
Green, S.J., Thomas H. Weeds Among the Wheat 15
Groeschel, Fr. Benedict J. Everyday Encounter with God 16
Groeschel, Fr. Benedict J. Life in Christ 17
Groeschel, Fr. Benedict J. A Still, Small Voice 18
Groeschel, Fr. Benedict J. The Virtue Driven Life 19
Hazard, David You Set My Heart on Fire 19A
Hinnebusch, William A. Dominican Spirituality 20
Holl, Adolf The Left Hand of God 21
Honor Books God’s Little Devotional Book for Leaders 22
Johnston, William, Editor The Cloud of Unknowing 23
Julian of Norwich All Will Be Well 24
 Kempis, Thomas A. The Imitation of Christ 24A
Knight, David Make Me a Sabbath of Your Heart 25
Knight, David Reaching Jesus-Five Steps to a Fuller Life 26
Lawrence, Brother The Practice of the Presence of God 27
Liguori, St. Alphonsus The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ 27A
Lucado, Max No Wonder They Call Him the Savior 28
McGreal, Wilfrid At the Fountain of Elijah 29
Maloney, George Alone with the Alone 30
Maloney, George Communion of Saints 31
Maloney, George Entering into the Heart of Jesus 32
Maloney, George God’s Exploding Love 33
Maloney, George Singers of a New Song 34
Maloney, George The Silence of Surrendering Love 35
Martin, James The Jesuit Guide to (Almost Everything) 36
Metz, Johannes Baptist Poverty of Spirit 37
Moore, Beth Breaking Free 38
Mitchell, Patricia A Year of Celebration 39
Moore, Beth Smallest of All, St. Bernadette 40
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Bread for the Journey 41
Muller, Rev. Martin M. God, Religion and Faith 42
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Can You Drink the Cup 43
Nouwen, Henri J. M. The Inner Voice of Love 44
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Life of the Beloved 45
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Making All Things New 46
Nouwen, Henri J. M. Reaching Out 47
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Davis, Bryan Dragon in Our Midst Series #1-The Candlestone 5
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Gunn, Robin Jones Sierra Jensen Collection Volume Two 9
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ten Boom, Corrie The Hiding Place 21
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Spiritual  Seeds on Tape
AFC Dr. Scott Hahn’s Conversion Story
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The Congregation of Marians of the
Immaculate Conception Women of Grace Television Program-
EWTN Global Catholic Network          Mary Jo Anderson, Sue Brinkmann
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EWTN Global Catholic Network ????????
EWTN Global Catholic Network The Woman Whom God Called Mother
Living Monument of Reparation
Glenn Harmon Ministries The Road to Emmaus (CD)
Glenn Harmon Ministries The Road to Emmaus (DVD)
O’Reilly, Bill Killing Jesus (CD)