Public Mass Procedures

Good day to all.

Fr. Patrick had a meeting with the deacons, and myself yesterday to go over the procedures we all need to follow for the restarting of Masses next weekend May 30th & 31st.

The church will be closed next Thursday 5/28/20 and Friday 5/29/2020 to clean and prepare for the weekend Masses.

1) Separation at all times – This will include the parking lot, in the Narthex and in the Church. Please no touching, shaking or holding hands, etc. Remember the social distancing rule of 6ft. Unless it is your immediate family.

2) Masks – must be worn at all times prior, during and after Mass. For Communion you can take off your mask, proceed to “X”, receive Communion and then put your mask back on. There will also be hand sanitizers place through out the church for you to use during Mass.

3) Entering/Exiting Church – Please enter and exit church in a single file. There will be one glass door open on the side of Church. Once Mass starts the doors will be locked and no one can enter. Please no gathering in the church or parking lot before or after Mass.

4) Ushers – You will be seated by an usher to a seat in the Church. They will be starting with front pews working towards the back. The ushers will also dismiss you from your pew for Communion and after Mass to exit. Please wait for the Ushers. We need 4 volunteers for each Mass on Saturday 5pm, Sunday 10am & 11:30am. Please let the office know.

5) Seating – You be seated (front to back) and dismissed (back to front) by an usher. There will be no end seating in the pews. You will be 6ft away from other parishioners for social distancing. We will be blocking off every other pew that will remain empty.

6) Cleaning– We will need to clean the Church, Narthex, bathroom, pews, tables, etc. after each Mass. There will be spray bottles with disinfectant solution that we will use to spray on all areas. Please let me know if you are willing to stay after Mass to help clean.

We need to all work together as we start public Mass again.