Update: Orientation at Carson-Newman

On Aug. 18, Jan Krasinski and the Ladners, Mia & Andy, represented Holy Trinity Catholic Church for incoming college students at Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City. The three parishioners were blessed to meet these young students and to see their excitement about starting the 2015-2016 academic year.   Amidst the company of other local churches, they welcomed the students on behalf of Holy Trinity parish with various small gifts, which the receiving students greatly appreciated.

Interested students visiting Holy Trinity’s table had the opportunity to sign up for services from the parish, such as transportation to Church, prayer, and additional information about our parish.  One student asked about Mass times for the weekend, while another student, a member of a volunteer outreach group, submitted her own information as a pledge to assist us in the event that we could use her group’s assistance.  Mia, in recounting this expression of charity, had this to say: “I felt as though God was giving back to us for what we were offering these students. ‘GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME’!

“What a Joy to see these students that want to be involved in church!  I would call theirs a great upbringing.  Hats off to the parents for teaching their children the right way in life today!”

Blessings to all the students at Carson-Newman!  Let us keep them in our prayers and remember them at Mass when we celebrate with God our Father who loves us all. (!)

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