Plea for Feedback

To all online parishioners at Holy Trinity Catholic Church: The site administrator would like your feedback!

In order for the parishioners of Holy Trinity to gain the most benefit from our online presence, our developers need to hear from you!  There are many things that can be added or modified on this website, but our administrators cannot fully judge the interests of the parishioners without some input.

We have room for calendars, typed postings, photographs, and many other innovations.  Please add comments or suggestions to the box below.

To Leaders of Parish Ministries: The site administrator especially wants your help!

Our website presently has a Ministries page, where we intend to post information about each of the various ministries.  If you think that your ministry could benefit from or serve more effectively with an online presence, we’ve got a place!

Additionally, the platform which hosts our site has options for collaboration.  Our administrators are more than glad to grant web privileges to ministry leaders.  Please direct your requests through the box below, or else in person.

To all visitors at this site: If there are any valuable bits of information on this site that are missing, or if this site is difficult to use, please notify our administrators with the form below.